Selling the Fountain of Youth

Dec 2, 2010

Advertising and anti-aging industry stake holders have done it – they have taken the most natural of all processes, growing old, and transformed it into something to be avoided, fought, and even feared. Got wrinkles? Varicose veins? Gray hair? There’s a cream for all of it, and what’s more, that cream is selling – quickly. But why? Does it really work? We’ve all heard the miracle stories, but is there any legitimate science that lies behind the industry? Journalist Arlene Weintraub has written about health, beauty, and pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology for over fifteen years – she argues that most of these so called “miracle cures” are based primarily upon hope and anecdotal evidence, lacking anything more than weak science. In her book, Selling the Fountain of Youth, Weintraub takes readers inside the anti-aging industry and reveals the true cost of artificially extending youth.

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