Saving the Republican Party

Aug 2, 2011

While the Tea Party has reenergized the Republican base in a very big way on national, state and local levels, there are some members of the Grand Old Party who are worried that it is losing its way. This is particularly true with the rising generation of young adults who rarely register Republican and overwhelmingly voted Barack Obama into office in 2008. Margaret Hoover, lifelong Republican and great-granddaughter of Herbert, addresses this concern in American Individualism: How a New Generation of Conservatives Can Save the Republican Party. She uses the book as a challenge for young people to take another look at her party and its ideals. She focuses not only on policy issues such as debt and deficit reduction, education and immigration, but stresses the overall credo of individual freedom as a selling point. However, Hoover also realizes that the party can’t simply cite historical precedent, it must evolve and change with the times if it is expected to stay competitive in future election cycles. How have Republicans fallen so out of step with the youth of this country? What specific actions can be made to bring new members into the fold? How will a party so steadfastly and traditionally principled manage to appeal to a generation which is primarily concerned with what is exciting and new?

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