Sacramento releases details on $1 billion drought-relief proposal

Mar 19, 2015

Drought Stricken Town Of East Porterville Deals With Severe Water Shortage

Foliage and flowers the extremely low waters of Lake Success in the wake of recent storms but rain totals remain insufficient to break the worsening drought on February 11, 2015 near East Porterville, California. Many local residents, whose water wells have run dry, fill their tanks with free non-potable water for flushing toilets, bathing and laundering and use bottled water for drinking and washing dishes. ; Credit: David McNew/Getty Images

Governor Jerry Brown and leading Democratic legislators in Sacramento have proposed a $1 billion proposal to provide California with additional funding for drought-relief.

Among other details, the proposal would accelerate access to bond money, fund programs for water recycling, and support local drought relief and infrastructure projects. The core of the legislation would accelerate the roll-out of various portions of last year’s $7.5 billion water bond measure.

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John Myers, KQED’s senior editor for California Politics and Government

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