Presenting…Dustin Hoffman, Director

Jun 5, 2013


US actor and director Dustin Hoffman waves to the audience at the Japan premiere of ‘Quartet’ in Tokyo on April 8, 2013.; Credit: KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images

Actor and now director Dustin Hoffman joins AirTalk to discuss his new projects. This veteran actor took a shot at directing in his new movie, “Quartet,” a film about retired opera singers living together in a retirement home. As the movie explores aging musicians, how did Hoffman feel about his new venture as a director after decades of acting? Also, Hoffman will be the honorary chairman of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s 24th annual Silent Film event. The event will present Walt Disney’s “Hungry Hobos” and Buster Keaton’s “Our Hospitality” with live orchestral accompaniment. How did Hoffman get involved with the Chamber Orchestra and become an honorary chairman?


Dustin Hoffman, legendary film actor and honorary chairman of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s 24th annual Silent Film event this Saturday, June 8th

The 24th annual Silent Film event will be at 7 P.M. on Saturday, June 8th in Royce Hall. Click here for more information.


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