Pennies from your thoughts – can city residents solve L.A.’s cash crunch?

Aug 25, 2011

The Daily News recently conducted an informal poll asking readers for ideas on how Los Angeles can solve its cash crunch in order to preserve essential services. Some of the more creative suggestions submitted included having Controller Wendy Greuel do an audit of city closets to determine what items could be sold off, and revamping LA’s self-marketing campaign. “Remember The Valley? Relocate!” Readers also proposed slashing pay and perks for city officials, replacing the blue recycle bins with locked versions to protect valuable recyclables from being looted and cutting back on street sweeping in residential areas so fewer workers would be needed for the program. Some of the suggested changes have already been implemented: Mayor Villaraigosa took a 16% pay cut and many City Council members have taken cuts between 5-10% in their pay. Others, have been deemed undoable. The $7-billion budget signed by the Mayor in July cut an array of city services, and still, the projected deficit tops 300-million buckaroos. So what’s a cash-strapped city to do? Put on your thinking caps, as we consider the efficacy of the money-generating ideas on the table and ask for your suggestions. A city lottery? Bake sale? Sign up lawmakers for medical tests? Sell calendars featuring our Councilmembers (Garcetti on the cover, LaBonge in Speedos!)? Auction off Angelyne billboards?

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