Parenting your aging parent

Apr 25, 2011

AirTalk continues our new, semi-regular series looking at the top health stories, fads and frustrations facing patients and doctors. Dr. Lachs is in to take your questions and calls – no health insurance or appointment necessary.

Today, we focus on aging parents. As difficult as it is for baby boomers to accept that mom and dad’s health may be deteriorating, it can be even harder for their parents to admit it. There are delicate questions to be asked and challenging issues to be faced. What do you do when a parent or an older loved one needs help but won’t accept it? How do you know if there’s a legitimate concern, or if you’re being meddling and overprotective? If you do have to step in, how can it be done with dignity, affording maximum independence? What if adult siblings disagree about health care options?

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