Paramount Drive-In re-opens tonight after being closed for more than 20 years

Apr 18, 2014

A uniformed drive-in theater attendant hands a clip-on speaker to the driver of convertible while the car’s other passengers watch, New York, early 1950s. ; Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The drive in movie theater is making a triumphant return to Los Angeles after the screens last went dark in 1991. Glenn Bianchi, the son of Joseph Bianchi who first opened the Roadium Drive-In theater in 1947, has refurbished the lot and will show the first double feature tonight. 

The independent theater owner spent $1 million renovating the old drive in, which now fits 800 cars, features two 75 foot screens, digital projection with FM radio sound, several restrooms and full snack bar.

Now known as the Paramount Drive-In, it will be only the second of this type of theater in the greater LA area. Compare that to the 1950s when there were more than 4,7000 drive-in theaters nationwide.

Bianchi said he hopes that demand for affordable family entertainment will spark renewed interest in the old style of moviegoing.

Do you remember the drive-in’s heyday in Los Angeles? Is it time for a revival of the drive-in theater?


Glenn Bianchi, Owner, Paramount Drive-In Movie Theater

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