O that this too too solid flesh would— o look, a text!: why turning off your phone will make you smarter and happier

Jul 15, 2010

If you’re dependent on your BlackBerry or iPhone, or addicted to the internet in general, join the club. In this “too-much-information age,” it seems that we are overloaded with distractions that are just one click away. In his new book, Hamlet’s Blackberry, former Washington Post staff writer William Powers warns that such “digital maximalism” not only hinders our ability to think clearly, but also interrupts our relationships with friends and family, and gets us hooked on a steady stream of incoming information. Powers pleads with us to escape and disconnect from our impulses in order to regain self-control and find happiness. But can we find enjoyment in disconnectivity? Or, is turning off the BlackBerry at dinner time a lost cause?

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