Niall Ferguson’s “High Financier: the lives and times of Siegmund Warburg”

Jul 6, 2010

It might be a little controversial to say that Britain should have never joined WWI, even if it meant Germany would have won. But, then again, most of what the famed economic historian Niall Ferguson says is pretty controversial. Ferguson is the leading academic on counterfactual history, a new type of history that asks “what if,” and he tackles the many outcomes if a different course was taken in history. His numerous books, including <i>The Pity of War</i>, <i>The Ascent of Money</i>, and <i>The Cash Nexus</i>, all revolving around the historical influence of money. But his new book, <i>High Financier: The Lives and Times of Siegmund Warburg</i>, looks into the life behind a man who changed the course of the economy and banking.

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