Nearly Two Years After The Start Of #MeToo, The Role Of HR In Protecting Employees And Employers

Jun 24, 2019

Who does human resources protect?

Who does human resources protect?; Credit: Gary Waters/Ikon Images/Getty Images


HR departments welcome new employees, give them workplace perks, and send them off to their next jobs – but how well do they protect those employees from harassment while they work?

Atlantic contributing editor Caitlin Flanagan says not very well… but what should you expect from a department that, at its core, serves employers first? In her new piece “The Problem With HR,” Flanagan explains how HR departments have become very good at preventing sexual harassment lawsuits – but not the sexual harassment itself.

Have you ever reported a sexual harassment claim to HR? If so, did you feel the claim was treated seriously, or swept aside? If you are an HR professional, have you ever faced a moral dilemma between protecting the employee and protecting the employer? What direction did you receive from company higher-ups? Weigh in at 866-893-5722.


Caitlin Flanagan, contributing editor at The Atlantic; her most recent piece is titled “The Problem With HR

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