Morgan Spurlock and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Apr 20, 2011

It’s not a new concept that money makes the world go round; nor is it new that in Hollywood product placement and sponsorship are pieces of filmmaking almost as important as scripts and actors. So when documentarian Morgan Spurlock set out to do an expose on the product placement industry within the filmmaking industry, the first thing he naturally had to do was….get some sponsors. In his new film “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” Spurlock has product placement from no fewer than 20 companies ranging from Mini Cooper (Spurlock drives around in one) to Jet Blue and Hyatt Hotels. The pomegranate juice company POM Wonderful eventually sponsors the entire film (“POM Wonderful Presents…) and in a final twist, Spurlock sold the title of his film as a kind of naming rights deal to the small town of Altoona, PA, which will officially change its name for 60 days for $25,000. The moral of the story is that everyone and everything has its price, and the next time you take note of a corporate brand or name in a movie it certainly is not there by accident.

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