Mexicans head to the polls

Jun 28, 2012

The Mexican presidential candidate of th

Mexico will hold its presidential election on July 1st Credit: CARLOS SALINAS/AFP/Getty Images

Mexico elects a new president every six years, and this Sunday is it. For the first time, a woman is running as a major party candidate – and for the second time, Mexicans living abroad can cast absentee ballots. Patt checks in with one man who plans to return home to vote and we check in on the campaign trail and what the election outcome could mean for the U.S.


Raul Murillo, Mexican citizen who will be returning home tomorrow [SATURDAY] to vote in the Mexican presidential election; he’s also president, Hermandad Mexicana en Estados Unidos, which has been registering voters

John Ackerman, political science professor, Mexico’s State University in Mexico City

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