Metro to consider new proposals for the LAX light rail

Jan 22, 2014


A traveller pulls his bags while walking past an LAX sign at Los Angeles International Airport as access roads were closed with flights delayed and cancelled after a gunman reportedly shot 3 people at a security checkpoint on November 1, 2013 in Los angeles, California. ; Credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Los Angeles International Airport is still without a plan to connect to public transportation after the county planning board quashed plans to build a light rail line under the airport’s terminal area. Metro’s planning staff recommended discarding four possible plans to connect LAX to a light rail system because of concerns over safety and the huge amount of money it would cost.

The recommendations could put the brakes on a long-term plan to connect LAX to both the Green Line and the forthcoming LAX/Crenshaw Line that will, in the next decade, come within a few miles of the airport but stop short of a connection.

Two of the county Board of Supervisors still want Metro to continue exploring plans to tunnel under the terminal and connect the metro lines directly to the airport despite the difficulties. One of the proposals likely to be considered is a plan to build a station near the iconic LAX pillars and passengers would reach the terminals by a people mover.

The full board will consider alternative proposals on Thursday. The delays continue to frustrate travelers who, right now, have very few options for public transportation.

As a traveler, what type of public transportation would you like to see at LAX? Would a lot of transfers deter you from using public transportation to the airport? Which airports have a better model for connecting to public transportation?

STATEMENT from Gina Marie Lindsey, Executive Director Los Angeles World Airports:

“While we have some concerns from a constructability, operational, and safety perspective on tunneling under the runways, we are supportive of Metro if their decision is to continue to study and analyze alternatives.  Our goal is to work with Metro to implement a transportation plan that will reduce congestion, modernize our operations and encourage mass transit to and from LAX.”


Zev Yaroslavsky, LA County Supervisor

Brian Sumers, Airports and Airlines Reporter, The Los Angeles News Group and a self-described aviation geek


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