Manning up: how the rise of women turned men into boys

Mar 4, 2011

Twenties are the new 30s, 30s are the new 40s, and… well you get it; and you’ve heard it before. Delayed adulthood has been a phenomenon that’s been talked about for a while now. But Kay Hymowitz edits this phenomenon to say that it’s only in men because of a woman’s inescapable biological clock. Hymowitz claims that without that clock, men have no reason to “man up.” So where does that leave a woman? It leaves her with the choice of raising her child as a single mother or raising her child and her “man-child” at the same time. What are women choosing and where does this leave men… and children? Has the rise of women itself contributed to this backward step by men? Patt discusses with Hymowitz this controversial theory of the infantalizaiton of men and the implication it has on society as a whole.

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