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May 3, 2012

Earth Day On The Mall 2009

Louie Perez of Los Lobos has taken on a different role with “Evangelina” Credit: Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images

“Evangeline, the Queen of Make-Believe” is a multimedia play with music that features songs from Louie Perez and David Hildago’s 40-year songbook.

The two are the founding members of the Grammy-winning and commercially successful group Los Lobos, whose roots rock and Chicano influenced aesthetic reflect the cultural mash-up of their East Los Angeles upbringing. With Hildago upfront on lead guitar and vocals and Perez on the drums, the two met at Garfield High in East Los Angeles in the late 70’s and have since then been a bastion for Mexican American pop songs.

Perez is one of the co-writers of the piece, which is an East L.A. coming of age story inspired by the Los Lobos 1985 rocker “Evangeline.” Evangeline is a young Chicana, whose neighborhood roots and make-believe world collide when she experiences the West Side art scene and the music of the Sunset Strip. The play is set during the 1968 East LA high school walkouts and the fight for equal education and civil rights. Songs including “Good Morning, Aztlán,” “River of Fools,” “The Neighborhood” and “Revolution” will be played live on stage by East L.A. band Ollin with featured vocals by CAVA (Claudia Gonzalez-Tenorio).

Musical direction is by Ollin’s Scott Rodarte. The preview performances on May 3-11 coincide with the upcoming Los Lobos Cinco de Mayo concert at the Greek on May 5. The play opens for press at the Bootleg on May 12, where it will run through May 27.


Louie Perez, songwriter, percussionist and guitarist for Los Lobos and Latin Playboys. He is one of the founding members of Los Lobos established in 1973. Pérez continues to be Los Lobos’ primary lyricist, paints in his free time and works as an art director & artistic supervisor on many of Los Lobos albums and CDs.

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