LAUSD ‘School Performance Framework’ Would Rate Schools On 1-5 Scale

Aug 14, 2019

Venice High School

Venice High School in Los Angeles.; Credit:


The Los Angeles Unified School District is considering a proposal that would issue ratings for L.A. schools and charters. The goal of the proposal, a result of a resolution brought forward by Board of Education members Nick Melvoin and Kelly Gonez, is to provide and accessible performance tool for parents and educators.

The proposal would apparently rate schools on a 1-5 scale, allowing for comparison based on things like test scores and improvement, suspension rates and attendance, and for high schools, grad rates. Cue the backlash. Some worry the framework will be unfair to certain schools. Support for the rating model appears to be mixed, but those in favor say the district needs to start pointing to consistent data and talking about results from schools. If the proposal moves forward, it could take effect as soon as October.

What do you think about the proposal? Could it help some schools and harm others? Join the conversation.


Kyle Stokes, education reporter for KPCC; he tweets @kystokes

Kelly Gonez, member of the LAUSD Board of Education; she tweets @KellyGonez

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