LA Streets Still Aren’t Safe For Pedestrians Despite Vision Zero. What’s Not Working?

Jun 6, 2019

The Hollywood and Highland scramble crosswalk

The Hollywood and Highland scramble crosswalk; Credit: Los Angeles Department of Transportation


Year 2025 is the goal for the city of Los Angeles to eliminate all traffic deaths through Vision Zero Los Angeles, set by Mayor Eric Garcetti back in 2015.

We’re nearly halfway through that timeline, but the modest decline by the L.A. Department of Transportation in reducing fatalities has been dismal, pushing outside groups to create their own bench of solutions.

Vision Zero has worked in other states and even other countries, but how is L.A.’s progress measured? What solutions have been tried so far and where? And what more should be done to meet the ambitious 2025 goalpost?

If you’re an Angeleno who frequently travels by bike or foot, what have you seen on our streets in recent years? Or as a driver, would you support lowering more speed limits and raising crosswalks to protect pedestrians? Call us at 866-893-5722 or comment below.


Laura Nelson, transportation reporter for the Los Angeles Times; in April she wrote the piece “More people are dying on L.A.’s streets despite a push to eliminate traffic fatalities;” she tweets @laura_nelson


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