LA County Sheriff on recent deputy-involved shootings, 2017 crime numbers, civilian oversight panel and more

Feb 9, 2018

Los Angeles Sheriff Jim McDonnell

Los Angeles Sheriff Jim McDonnell attributes 2014 crime reduction to better policing and community relations.; Credit: Frank Stoltze/KPCC


Sheriff Jim McDonnell is back with his regular AirTalk check in.

Today, we’ll ask him about:

  • A contentious emergency town hall meeting this week which heard complaints about three shootings by deputies in South L.A., one of which involved an allegedly armed 16-year-old boy who was killed in a deputy-involved shooting.
  • Preliminary department statistics on decreasing crime rates in 2017.
  • The L.A. Times investigation into a 2014 list of problem deputies, how much the Sheriff knew and District Attorney Jackie Lacey looking into those cases.
  • How the first L.A. Sheriff’s civilian oversight panel is doing, one year in.
  • Immigrant’s rights activists have been accusing the Sheriff of misleading the public over the level of LASD cooperation with ICE.
  • The L.A. Sheriff’s body cam plan.
  • LASD working on complying with federal law on prison rape.
  • Over 500 human trafficking arrests in California in a statewide sting.
  • The LASD’s outdated computer system.

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Jim McDonnell, Sheriff of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department; he tweets @LACoSheriff

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