Joint Ventures: Inside America’s almost legal marijuana industry

May 19, 2011

There are more marijuana dispensaries in California than public schools. In Denver, Colorado, there are more dispensaries than Starbucks and liquor stores combined. And yet the industry is still largely unknown to many of us. Trish Regan, who gained notoriety with her Emmy-nominated documentary Marijuana, Inc., goes behind the scenes in her new book to uncover the inside workings of this largely secret world. After California came close to legalizing marijuana with Prop 19 and as Los Angeles prepares to hold a lottery to allow only 100 dispensaries to operate, Regan lays out the economic impact of locally legalized marijuana, explains the link between marijuana and violent Mexican cartels, and questions whether decriminalization would work on a national scale, as it has in Portugal. Are California and then the nation on their way to legalizing marijuana? And if they do, what would legalization look like? Regan gets “blunt” with Patt about America’s new “green rush.”

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