Jill Stein raises millions of dollars for election recount effort in three states

Nov 28, 2016

Former Green Party Presidential Nominee Makes Announcement On 2016 Race

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein speaks at the National Press Club February 6, 2015 in Washington, DC.; Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images


Over Thanksgiving weekend, the Green Party generated the largest fundraising drive for a third party in history with the goal of demanding recounts of election results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

In prior elections, the Green Party has led similar efforts, but this attempt could only work to help Democrat Hillary Clinton. The move comes after a group of election lawyers and data experts ¬†asked Hillary Clinton’s campaign to call for a recount of the vote totals in the three battleground states to ensure that a cyberattack was not committed to manipulate the totals.

There is no evidence that the results were hacked or that electronic voting machines were compromised, and the Clinton campaign has not moved to petition recounts.

While other election lawyers and data experts argue a recount is extremely unlikely to change the final results, what would it take for another tally in those states? What are the logistics involved and why do some Democrats oppose the campaign?

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Josh Douglas, Professor of Law specializing in Election Law and Voting Rights, University of Kentucky

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