Jazz clarinetist Anat Cohen

Jun 7, 2011

Jazz clarinet is alive and well – thanks to New York-based musician Anat Cohen. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Cohen moved to the Big Apple in 1999 and started playing a number of community and club dates. She established herself not just as a student of music, but as a first rate performer at a very young age. This Saturday, Cohen showcases her talent on stage at the Hollywood Bowl where she will be part of the Cos of Good Music, the all-star jazz band Bill Cosby compiled as part of the Playboy Jazz Festival. Larry talks to Cohen about her time as a saxophonist in the Israeli army and how teachers at Berklee College of Music in Boston encouraged her to give the jazz clarinet another try. Have you been to the Playboy Jazz Festival in previous years? Are you looking forward to going?

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