Jane McGonigal: how gaming will save the world

Feb 14, 2011

Gamers, listen up: according to Jane McGonigal, games aren't just an escapist alternate reality, or a procrastinating waste of hours, they’re the single most productive way to spend our time. Games are tools that can help develop skills that help us solve real-world problems, like hunger, poverty, clean water access and issues of sustainability. So why isn’t it as easy to save the real world as it is in World of Warcraft? That’s because our games aren’t big enough or good enough, according to McGonigal. In order to truly see a difference in your real-world selves, she offers some basic tips: don’t play more than 21 hours a week, playing with friends is more rewarding than playing with strangers and games that challenge us to think in creative ways are the most productive. McGonigal talks with Patt about creating a virtual crash course in changing the world.

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