Is your credit score a dating deal breaker?

Dec 26, 2012

This picture taken on September 12, 2012 shows a couple embracing by a riverside. Credit: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Having trouble finding a date for New Year’s? Could your credit score be the problem? That’s the lament (or triumph) of some singles on the prowl, who say a bad credit score is increasingly seen as a dating deal breaker. One financial analyst says credit scores are the new dating equivalent of a sexually transmitted disease test.

The credit score is derived from a formula that accounts for outstanding debt and payment histories and in recent years it’s become increasingly ubiquitous. It’s now used to determine credit, housing loan approval, and in 42 states, it can even be considered as part of a job applicant’s file.

The trend has spawned websites such as and Some joke about it, but financial planners say it’s serious. A partner with a bad credit score can prevent a couple from buying a home, drive up rent for an apartment application, or make the difference between high or low cell phone bills or car insurance rates. Do you consider your date’s credit score when dating?



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