Is your alma mater a party school?

Aug 9, 2013

How does a high ranking on a ‘party school’ list affect its image?; Credit: Kyle Sullivan/Flickr

The University of Iowa is ranked the number one party school in the country as part of the latest Princeton Review rankings. Last year, Princeton Review ranked West Virginia University number one, but this year WVU dropped to fourth place.  “We are continuing to work to change the culture on our campus by education students to only consume alcohol in a legal, safe, and responsible manner,” said Tom Moore, University of Iowa spokesperson.  University of California-Santa Barbara is ranked number seven.  On the other end of the spectrum Princeton Review also ranked the top sober schools, with Pepperdine University coming in at number seventeen.  

If you’re a parent, would you care if the school your son or daughter went to a school on the top party schools list? Is your alma mater a party school? Do rankings like this help or hurt a school’s reputation? 

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