Is vacation-rental website Airbnb a blessing or nuisance for Angelenos?

Aug 14, 2013

Listings on Airbnb for Los Angeles

Listings on Airbnb for Los Angeles ; Credit:

Popular website AirBnb allows people to rent out rooms in their homes for short-term rentals. The practice of short-term private home rentals is growing in areas like Silver Lake. It is legal in Los Angeles, but some residents feel it’s a safety hazard bringing in numerous transients. There is also a concern that this practice can devalue the property value. The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is considering prohibiting them in their area. In New York City earlier this year a judge ruled that these hotel-like homes were breaking the city’s “illegal hotel” law. 

Would you rent out your property? Would you feel comfortable if your neighbors rented their home or apartment? Is the government taking this too far? Should Silverlake prohibit this? 

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