How to smell like Lady Gaga: undercover and inside skank perfumery

Jun 7, 2011

Lady Gaga expects to take more than just the perfume world by surprise when she unveils her first fragrance this September—she’s requested it “smell of blood and semen.” Too bad that doesn’t raise many eyebrows in the perfume industry, where scents inspired by bodily fluids, even skank ones, have been a longtime in the making. There was the 2006 Secretions Magnifiques, by L’Etat Libre D’Orange that featured “salty, metallic, medicinal, milky and decayed-white-florals-in a-coffin notes.” There was also this year’s La Petite Mort, which “embodies the elusive substance that is created by a woman as she is about to climax” with hints of warm skin, milk, urea secretions and “animalic darkness.” Even Sarah Jessica Parker has announced she’s working on a perfume with a B.O. note. How will Gaga’s scent be received? Patt talks with an expert about the history and origins of perfumery and we also hear from a perfumer about what it takes to develop that special scent.

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