Dwyane Wade takes heat for practicing during the Canadian national anthem

May 9, 2016

Toronto Raptors v Miami Heat - Game Three

Dwyane Wade #3 of the Miami Heat drives past DeMarre Carroll #5 of the Toronto Raptors on a pick set by Udonis Haslem #40 during the first quarter of the game at American Airlines Arena.; Credit: Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Saturday, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade was in the middle of his pre-game ritual for game three against the Toronto Raptors.

Wade got an assist from his teammate, and tried to make his customary 15-foot bank shot. It took him a few tries but he finally sunk the shot and was ready to play.

Only one problem: ‘O Canada,’ the Canadian national anthem, was being sung as he was prepping, as is customary when a sporting event features teams from different countries.

This drew the ire of many Canadian basketball viewers, including Toronto mayor John Tory. On Twitter, Tory reminded Wade that the game of basketball was invented by a Canadian and asked asked him to, “Respect the anthem.”

Was Wade out of line with his actions?  Does this sort of thing further drive the idea that public U.S. figures aren’t taking into account how their behavior could be perceived by others outside the country?


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