Do you prefer the orderliness of a homeowner association or a less-structured neighborhood?

Aug 13, 2013

Does the structure of condos and townhouses with mandatory HOA fees appeal to you?

Some of us thrive in a structured environment, while others prefer the freedom to express themselves without rules. And that doesn’t just apply to who we want to be, but equally to where we choose to live as well. Do you like the structure of living in a community governed by a homeowners association, where rules are hard and fast and residents are legally bound not to stray from certain norms, or would you rather live in a community where less restrictions mean you can paint your house pink or grow your lawn knee-high?

There are over 50,000 HOAs in California, and nearly a third of the state’s population lives in communities they govern. So which would you rather live in? The security of structure? Or the freedom from restrictive rules?

Karen D. Conlon, President & CEO of the California Association of Community Managers, a state-wide association based in Laguna Hills

Michael Nogueira, President of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council. He’s also the President of the Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce and owner of Sir Michaels Party Rental

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