Do you prefer a male or female boss? (Poll)

Nov 14, 2013


Do you have a preference on the gender of your boss?; Credit: iStockPhoto

This segment will air on AirTalk Thursday, November 14.

A new Gallup poll reveals that Americans still prefer a male boss. Thirty-five percent of respondents preferred a male boss, while only 23 percent preferred a female boss. The poll survey over two thousand adults.

When Gallup first asked the question in 1953, 66 percent of Americans would rather have a male boss, and only 5 percent would rather work with a woman. In the recent survey, four out of 10 Americans do not care either way what the boss’s gender is.

While both men and women overall preferred a male boss, women were more likely to have a preference.

Who do prefer to have as your boss? What has been your experience with a male or female boss? Do you think it matters? Do you think people have different standards for a female boss?


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