Do you know your cell phones’ radiation level? If you live in San Francisco you are about to find out

Jun 17, 2010

First it was a ban on plastic bags, now the City by the Bay has tentatively passed an ordinance requiring cell phone companies to post their SAR “specific absorption rate” levels next to their phones at retail outlets. Research on the link between cell phone use and specific types of brain cancer has been inconclusive, but consumer advocates feel the new regulations give consumers a choice, at least until the research is more definitive. The cell phone industry argues that the SAR levels are listed in user manuals and on the manufactures’ website. They contend that posting the levels next to the phone gives consumers a false choice. The FCC considers any cell phone with a SAR level under 1.6 watts per kilogram to be safe. So, the difference between a 1.4 and a 1.1 rating may be negligible and is still within safe levels. Patt gets the 411 on the radiation levels coming from that buzz in your pants.

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