Debating Proposition 19—will California feel the effects of the high?

Oct 18, 2010

Ready to hear some decisive and unyeilding statements? Good, because it is election season and the time has come to discuss this year’s smokin' hot propisition – 19. Proposition 19 would legalize the consumption of marijuana by those 21 and older as long as they were in a non-public place such as a home or in a place that held a license for on-site consumption, the way a bar is licensed for liquor consumption. 19 would also allow the growing of marijuana at a private residence as long as the space didn't exceed 25 square feet and was only grown for personal use. Proponents of the prop argue that it would not only end the drug war but fix the budget, save on prison costs, free up law enforcement to focus on violent and property crimes and create between 60,000 – 110,000 new jobs in the state. Sounds good right? Wait, there is more. Those that oppose the prop say that not only would the passing of 19 be a public policy nightmare but it won't fix the budget because there is no price, tax or production structure written into the proposition, it would lead to a sobering increase in under the influence drivers and potentially lead to an increase in money that the state spends on substance abuse.

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