Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Bipartisan Lessons for the Current Congress

Nov 18, 2010

One of America’s most illustrious politicians, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, wrote mountains of words but never an autobiography. He did leave a voluminous correspondence and through a carefully selected collection of letters author/ editor Steven Weisman has compiled a vivid record of Moynihan’s life. And what a life it was! Before his four terms as senator from New York, he was a pathfinder in JFK’s New Frontier, a commander in Johnson’s War on Poverty and Great Society. He was involved in some of Richard Nixon’s greater and lesser moments, a renowned professor at Harvard, spent two years as U.S. Ambassador to India. Above all, he was a creator of powerful ideas that transformed the way American’s think about their nation. He was able to embrace the kind of thinking that did not fit neatly into little partisan packages and his legacy of clarity, understanding and far-sightedness has much to teach us today.

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