Dan Savage to gay teens: “It Gets Better!”

Mar 24, 2011

Following the deaths of several gay teens last fall, “Savage Love” columnist Dan Savage and his husband launched the “It Gets Better Project” to support gay/lesbian/bisexual/transsexual youth. The idea was that discouraged gay teens would realize their lives were worth living if older gay people offered hope and encouragement. So Savage and his husband, Terry Miller, created a YouTube video about their own experiences being bullied as teens, to tell teenagers a simple message about the future: It gets better.The movement began with a YouTube video that went viral and evolved into a collection of testimonials and stories. The latest incarnation of the project is a book they co-edited together, combining transcribed videos and essays from President Obama, David Sedaris, Bishop Gene Robinson, Murray Hill and Ellen DeGeneres, among others. All essays contain the same message: bullied youth should not be self-destructive; their lives can and will get better. Dan joins Patt to share his experience and hear yours.

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