Countdown to CAR-MAGGEDON begins!

Jul 15, 2011

‘Twas the night before the closure, and all through the streets, not a vehicle was stirring, not even a Jeep”…. This evening, freeway ramps on the 405 will gradually close as the 53-hour stint of construction on the Mulholland Bridge begins. Everyone is bracing for the surface street congestion and general frustration soon to ripple through the city, and many have resigned themselves to a weekend of local driving or self-imposed house arrest. But for the braver souls willing to risk the roads, we’ll be discussing exactly what to expect tonight, and for the next couple of days. There’s no harm in praying for as seamless a disruption to L.A. traffic as the 1984 Olympics proved to be, but just in case things don’t turn out that way, Patt is talking with Jeff Baugh, airborne reporter for KNX 1070 News Radio, who will be surveying the freeway construction from his plane throughout the weekend. Join us for the countdown to – CAR-MAGGEDON!!!

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