Cinecon Classic Film Festival kicks off next week

Aug 24, 2012

Credit: Courtesy of Cinecon

One of the greatest aspects of life in Hollywood is the unprecedented access its citizens have to the world of film. Next week, the Cinecon Classic Film Festival kicks off to celebrate movies from the earlier days of the entertainment industry.

More than two dozen films will be screened in 35mm as they were originally intended at the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. For most of these titles, this is a once in a lifetime experience as they have never been released in any medium or even shown on television. Several were thought to be lost forever, particularly some of the silent films which will be screened. One highlight of the festival will be “Gentle Julia.” The 1936 screen adaptation of Pulitzer Prize winner Booth Tarkington’s novel will show with two of its stars in the audience, Marsha Hunt and Jane Withers, marking the 76th anniversary of its original release.

Anyone with an appreciation for classic movie and film history will definitely find something interesting at Cinecon. What in the schedule jumps out to you? Will you catch one of these flicks? It might just be your only chance…


Robert S. Birchard, Cinecon president and film historian, author of “Cecil B. DeMille’s Hollywood,” and has appeared in such movie-related documentaries as TCM’s “Moguls and Movie Stars.”

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