Can Kickstarter replace old money models in entertainment?

Jan 10, 2013

Tribeca Talks: Future Of Film Lunch Series 3 - 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

Director of the film program at Kickstarter, Elisabeth Holm speaks during the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

It’s been just three years since Kickstarter was created, and already it’s being called one of the most notable Internet ventures ever. Almost anyone with a Facebook page has friends hitting them up for money for their Kickstarter projects.

The idea is simple. If you have an original idea, but don’t have the cash, the website offers an easy way to raise funds. Last year, more than 2 million people kicked in more than $300 million to fund 18,000 projects, according to the company. From the quaint — a beautiful bus stop shelter in Georgia designed by a local artist — to the renowned — a documentary nominated for an Oscar. Projects are pitched by writers, musicians, gamers, designers, filmmakers and engineers.  

What’s the best way to use Kickstarter for a project? What happens to the projects that get funded but go nowhere? What’s the future for the company?


Yancey Strickler, Kickstarter co-founder and Head of Community

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