California congressmen debate jobs, immigration, financial reform, energy, mid-term election and… oh yes…jobs!

Jul 9, 2010

Throw in a little job creation, a dash of stimulus bills, and a sprinkle immigration battles, and what do you get? Quite a busy summer in Washington. Representatives Brad Sherman (D-CA) and John Campbell (R-CA) weigh in on some of the biggest things happening in Congress and across the country. Immigration may be the hot topic issue for 2010 as Obama’s administration takes steps toward a legal challenge of Arizona’s controversial immigration law. This could also permeate into the fall midterm elections, as Democrats and Republicans gear up for key battles. The congressmen will also flush out the climate bill’s promise of reducing the deficit by billions. And then there are jobs. Unemployment may be down slightly, but what should we tackle first… our ever-growing debt or job creation? Representatives Sherman and Campbell will wrangle with these key issues, taking your calls and questions about where our country is going and what these issues mean for you.

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