Botox, boobs, and liposuction? Teens and cosmetic surgery

Aug 19, 2010

According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, the two most popular procedures for teens are liposuction and breast implants. Some social networking sites have noticed an increase in teens talking about Botox and other beauty enhancements, and seeking advice on how to ask their parents for the money to get some form of cosmetic surgery. Is this a cultural phenomenon (a few high profile celebrities have either had cosmetic surgery or publicly discussed some interest in doing so)? Are there any ethical dilemmas associated with a sixteen-year-old girl getting a boob job or a Botox injection? What about the long-term health effects? Some psychologists note that teens often out grow adolescent concerns about body image. Should parents know the signs associated with body dysmorphic disorder and send their child to the therapist’s office rather than the cosmetic surgeon's?

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