Bitcoin value has gone through the roof. Is it a good investment or a bubble waiting to burst?

Dec 8, 2017

Bitcoin Continues To See Unprecedented Growth

A visual representation of the digital Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin alongside a selection of fiat currencies on December 07, 2017 in London, England.; Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


The infamous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has exploded into mainstream.

Recent market estimates value the digital currency at $16,000 – which is about $1,000 higher than it was last year.

Additionally, websites like – and even Microsoft – have begun accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment.

Even still, some continue to hold on to their reservations and say they expect the “Bitcoin bubble” to burst. Given its recent success, do you consider Bitcoin to be a good investment opportunity? Why or why not?


Meltem Demirors, director of  Digital Currency Group, an investment firm based in New York

John Authers, senior investment commentator at the Financial Times

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