Beck and Baca – Law and Order in the Southland

Dec 10, 2010

One of the largest cities in the nation sits within one of the most populous counties – welcome to sunny Los Angeles. With an area of 4,060 square miles, a population of 10,441,100 people who speak 224 different languages and 400 different known gangs, Los Angeles is a lot to handle for a resident, let alone the people running the organizations that keep the peace. Imagine you’re LAPD Chief Beck or L.A. County Sheriff Baca and you’re in charge of law and order in this multi-cultural stew, with dwindling budgets and increasing demands on your force. How do you balance the day to day demands of catching criminals and tracking transgressors, crime prevention, anti-gang activities, working with other agencies to secure homeland security as well as community outreach? Patt Morrison gets an inside view of law and order in the Southland with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and LA County Sheriff Lee Baca.

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