Ask the Chief: LAPD’s top cop, Charlie Beck on security, crime and keeping Angelenos safe

Sep 12, 2011

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 was a sad reminder of the American lives lost that fateful day, but also of the subsequent transformation in our nation’s security procedure. How did the terrorist attacks change the way the LAPD does business? Police Chief Charlie Beck is here to tell us how, and to inform us about the challenges his organization will face with the early release of some state prisoners. With the Supreme-court ordered move of some 7,000 low-level felons from state prison to 58 county jails and probation departments, experts are predicting a significant crime wave, while Angelenos are wondering whether they should start barring their windows and dead bolting their doors. Social media sites like Twitter are becoming venues for resistance to law enforcement crowd control methods, while new-fangled tech devices like red-light cameras have proved a resource-wasting filter for insignificant crime. Resistance to Obama’s Secure Communities initiative is widespread; gold theft is on the rise; and a controversial new disciplinary system is being implemented throughout the LAPD. It’s clear that L.A.’s top cop has a lot on his plate….Join Patt for a discussion of public safety and crime and phone in with your questions and comments.

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