Are you making your technology work for you?

Jan 7, 2011

Stop using Internet Explorer—it’s bloated and slow; get a Smartphone—it’s worth the money to make your life easier; and get your music and photos OFF that laptop and into a cloud near you! Those are just some words or wisdom from tech gurus looking out for advising consumers on how to better use technology to your advantage in the New Year. Some of that advice is free, for example, try switching to an internet browser like GoogleChrome or Mozilla Firefox to save time and allow you to carry your bookmarked sites with you anywhere you go. Or get a discount on your cable, phone or internet service—simply by asking for one. Following other advice might set you back a few bucks but may be worth it in the long run to maximize what you’ve already paid for—invest in a DVD that correctly calibrates your HDTV, buy extra charging cables to promote gadget longevity or back-up your data with an online back-up service subscription.

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