Amy Sedaris brings you back to simpler times

Nov 19, 2010

Amy Sedaris can probably make you laugh, but did you know she can also make you a tea cozy? Well maybe she can’t, but she’s written a book about craft-making for you anyway! <i>Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People</i> has a little something for everyone. With chapters like “Unreturnable Gift Giving,” “The Joy of Poverty,” and “Sausages,” Sedaris offers readers and crafters alike some off-the-wall, but very humorous, crafts, ideas, recipes, and a way to get back to simpler times “when we wore hand-made sweaters” and “carved our cooking utensils out of bark.” If you’re a serious crafter, you might want to look elsewhere, but if you’re just in it for a good laugh, Simple Times is the craft book for you.

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