Amidst flatlining scores, we check in on standardized testing in CA

Nov 10, 2017

Standardized Test Close-Up

Standardized test scores are plateauing in California schools, and some are calling for a fundamental shift in teaching strategies.; Credit: Stock photo by Shannan Muskopf/flickr Creative Commons


California implemented new standardized tests in 2015, so it was expected that scores would dip before rising once students acclimated to the new format.

But three years later, scores in English and math have plateaued.

Testing expert Gregory Cizek, who advised the company that created the new exams, told the Los Angeles Times that scores haven’t improved because the necessary classroom changes haven’t occurred. According to Cizek, a fundamental shift in teaching methods is needed.

So what makes these exams different? What kind of teaching shifts do they require? And what do you or your kids think about the new standardized tests?


Kyle Stokes, KPCC’s K-12 education reporter; he tweets @kystokes  

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