Aerotropolis: A new economic paradigm for the future?

Apr 6, 2011

Airports used to be basic transportation hubs with little or no commerce located on the outskirts of large cities. These days the most modern and competitive airport is known as an “aerotropolis,” a state-of-the-art airport surrounded by high-end shopping, fine dining, customized transit links and corporate suburbs that connect people to the global marketplace. In Greg Lindsey and John Kasarda’s new book “Aerotropolis” the authors posit that this urban, suburban and transportation configuration is indispensible to a region’s economic success. Los Angeles, they argue, is ignoring the trend and putting itself at considerable competitive disadvantage by not upgrading LAX to keep pace with a successful aerotropolis like Dallas-Fort Worth. Whether we like it or not, say the authors, the aerotropolis is the next phase of globalization. It’s currently reshaping life in Seoul and Amsterdam, Dallas and D.C. Are we ready for the changes that living in the aerotropolis will bring?

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