Absence make the McHeart grow fonder: the staying power of the McRib is that it always goes away

Nov 4, 2010

The McRib is back, but like Celine Dion, The Rolling Stones, and Cher, it’s promising this is its farewell tour. McDonald’s removed the sandwich from its permanent menu over twenty years ago, and has since offered it in only limited places for a limited time, perhaps unintentionally positioning it as the Chupacabra of fast foods. McRib’s evasiveness also garnered it a cult-like following, prompting over 300 fan pages on Facebook and independent blogs like “The McRib Locator,” where readers can track the hoagie’s movements and share stories of hours-long quests… is there really no app for that? In bipartisan fashion, perhaps as an olive branch to angry voters on both sides of the spectrum, McDonald’s brought back the sandwich in wide release on Election Day this week. We may never know whether it’s the sugary “blazing hot sauce,” the boneless pork patty’s form, or its seemingly subversive cultural relevance in a land of Michael Pollans as an homage to a time when we relished the artificial, but one thing is certain: this is the final tour. We think.

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