9/11 and its effect on the film industry

Sep 2, 2011

It’s been a full decade since the attacks on the World Trade Center, and there are several aspects of modern life which have arisen in direct response to the tragic event. Whether it’s signage on the train you take to work, or the enhanced security screenings you pass through at the airport when flying, the world has definitively adapted to an increased focus on terrorism. Even an act such as going to the movies, a familiar form of escapism for most Americans, has been touched by September 11th. For instance, in the immediate aftermath, several movies which were slated to premier on September 15, 2001 were pushed back a few weeks. Others which were set in New York or had plots involving terrorism were delayed for months due to the sensitive nature of such content. Other films digitally edited footage to remove any instances of the World Trade Center before being released, and some omit any likeness of the towers when re-aired on television. Given enough time, filmmakers and the public became less hesitant and stopped shying away from the event. In fact, over the past decade several films have been made dealing with 9/11 head on, such as United 93, World Trade Center and Rebirth. What are your favorite films that address the attacks? Was the public being too sensitive, or Hollywood too fearful? How do you feel when you see images of the World Trade Center in the media? What else would you like to see from the film industry regarding this particular moment in our collective history?

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