12 years later, Monsters University tells how it all began

Jun 21, 2013

Mike Wazowski, voiced by Billy Crystal, goes to college with high hopes of graduating as a top-notch scarer.

After 12 years, Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc” is releasing its prequel, “Monsters University.” Billy Crystal and John Goodman return to play Mike and Sulley, telling the story of how they became friends back in university days, that is, after an intense rivalry.

“Monsters University” was released in the U.S. last week, and in addition to the new batch of young fans, this movie hopes young adults will take their Mike and Sulley paraphernalia out from their closets to see the light of day again. The new director of the Monster legacy, Dan Scanlon, and producer Kori Rae join AirTalk to give an insider’s look into the making of “Monsters University,” the history of Pixar and the dynamics between Crystal and Goodman.

Dan Scanlon, director of “Monsters University”

Kori Rae, producer of “Monsters University”

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