“Restrepo”: a war movie through the eyes of a soldier

Jun 23, 2010

War is not the perfectly-edited adrenaline rush of a two-hour movie. It’s also not the three-minute summaries on the nightly news. War is a feeling and a life that only those involved can understand. That’s what filmmakers Sebastian Junger (author of <i>WAR</i> and <i>The Perfect Storm</i>) and Tim Hetherington (<i>Long Story Bit by Bit: Liberia Retold</i>) hoped to capture with their 90-minute documentary, <i>Restrepo</i>, which followed the soldiers of the Second Platoon at their outpost in the highly dangerous Korengal Valley, Afghanistan. The cameras rolled and chronicled every action of these soldiers through the eyes of the Second Platoon, from the mind-numbing stretches of anticipation to the adrenaline-filled chaos of an ambush. It’s as entrenched as you can get, but yet you’re still in the theater…

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