“America’s Finest News Source” – yes, it’s The Onion

Feb 10, 2011

The Onion calls itself a “national publication and website that offers award-winning news and views that readers can't get anywhere else.” True, and well and good. Except it’s not all true; the news, views and everything else they print, video or stream are fake – brilliant, funny, bitingly satirical – but fake none the less. Ten funny people produce the content, most of whom met about 20 years ago at a University of Wisconsin Madison student newspaper and have been creating journalistic mayhem ever since. The print and online versions are now coupled with “The Onion News Network,” a 24 hour video news network on IFC, and “Onion SportsDome” on Comedy Central, new ventures that skewer cable news and sports in one – no, that’s two, blows. Editors Joe Randazzo and Will Tracy are here with behind the scenes secrets of today’s leading source for “news without mercy.”

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